Restaurant Marketing for 2014

Multi location restaurant marketing made easy.

Marketing your restaurants means the difference between surviving and thriving. What changes must restaurant marketers address for their 2014 marketing plans? Here's a hint: A patron with a smartphone can post a restaurant review before their check arrives at the table.

With so many of your customers making dining decisions using the internet, how well are your restaurants using the internet to help them make those decisions?

We can help. Our company, emfluence, connects customers with restaurants by delivering award winning emails, social networking, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and website redesigns for hundreds of multi-location restaurants like yours.

Make 2014 the year your restaurants budgets align with global trends impacting the hospitality industry. Experts at emfluence know how to market restaurants and increase traffic to both the website and the venue. Complete this form now to contact us for more information.

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