marketing therapy

Partner. Plan. Pivot.

Whether you're planning a pivot during the pandemic, worried about your existing marketing strategy, or just need to talk to someone else in marketing for a few minutes, we get it.

We're no good at sewing and none of us could figure out how to turn our agency beer stash into hand sanitizer, but we are really good at one thing: partnering with clients to help them knock their goals out of the park with digital marketing.  

You can schedule 30 minutes, no strings attached, with one of our experts to talk through a specific challenge you're facing. Just let us know what you'd like to talk about and what industry you're in, and we'll connect you for a one-on-one conversation with an emfluencer to help you find your next step forward.

Be well, marketing friends.

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emfluence is one part digital marketing agency and one part marketing automation platform. Our vision as an agency is to dig in with you, to find out who your customers are, what they like, and where they want to meet you so that together, we can get to know them one-to-one, and then some.
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