Email Future Webinar

The Future of Email Part Three:
Take Your Email From Skateboard to Hoverboard

On Demand.

Grab your self-lacing Nike high tops, our final installment of The Future of Email webinar series will help boost your email program to the next level!

As we kick off 2021, the emfluence Marketing Platform is pleased to team up with Email On Acid for a three-part webinar series on where email has been, where it's going, and how to best leverage this channel now. For part three of our series, we're headed to the future of email: automation. From systems and processes, data integrations, variables, CDPs and more, we'll talk about ways you can automate, personalize, and leverage your data for the next level of email awesome. Sign up for the on-demand session with emfluence's  Natalie Jackson and Cory LaGrange and Email on Acid's Amanda Bacher

Featuring Commentary from Email Experts:

Cory LaGrange
Cory LaGrange,
Natalie Jackson
Natalie Jackson,
Amanda Bacher
Amanda Bacher,
Email on Acid