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Third-party cookies have played an important role for advertising companies and marketers over the years, but their reign is coming to an end. Google Chrome, the internet’s most popular browser, is about to make it a lot more difficult for advertisers to track users’ online activity. Google announced late last year that they will stop supporting third-party cookies on Chrome by the end of 2021, citing the need to address growing concerns users have about their privacy.

For marketers, this is a call for a major shift in digital marketing strategy. As digital advertising options change, marketers will need to be prepared with new targeting options. That includes everything from re-evaluating your paid media strategy to doubling down on your email marketing efforts and everything in between.

Fortunately, the team at emfluence has put together a guide on how this change will impact everything from your digital advertising strategy (lots of changes here) to your email strategy (so much opportunity!).

Get our perspectives on how to make the most of the end of cookies by downloading our guide:
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