Email Future Webinar

The Future of Email Part One: 
Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Email

Email marketing has come a long way since the first spam email landed in inboxes back in 1978. 50 years in, email marketers have since learned how to leverage the inbox as a relationship tool, where brands can communicate timely, personalized, and relevant parcels of information to the people most interested in their message. 

As we kick off 2021, the emfluence Marketing Platform is pleased to team up with Email On Acid for a three-part webinar series on where email has been, where it's going, and how to best leverage this channel now. For the first part of our series, Jen Capstraw, Betsy Grondy, and Cory LaGrange joined us for The Future of Email: Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Email. 

We covered lessons we've learned about email over the years as well as shared information on email's journey to the present. If you missed this session, you can sign up here to watch the recording: 

Featuring Commentary from Email Experts:

Cory LaGrange
Cory LaGrange,
Betsy Grondy
Betsy Grondy,
Email On Acid
Jen Capstraw,
Women of Email