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Mapping your ideal customer journey is a great first step toward becoming a better data-driven marketer. Using emfluence's visual guide, you can walk your teams through each stage of your customer journey, using the conversation to identify points where marketing can support the sales and customer success process along the way.

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Who's emfluence, again?

Glad you asked! emfluence is a full-service digital marketing agency and marketing automation platform headquartered in Kansas City. We're known for our digital-first marketing philosophies that have won nationally known brands and hometown favorites slews of awards and the marketers who work for them major respect.

As an agency, emfluence focuses on developing, executing, and managing results-driven marketing campaigns across email and marketing automation campaigns, search engine marketing, paid and social media, creative and content development, website development, and more. Learn more about our digital marketing philosophy and see how we’ve been doing digital since dial up in 2003 at