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Is your website ADA compliant?  

Businesses that are required to make physical accommodations for persons with disabilities are also required to make accommodations on their website. Making sure your website is compliant with ADA standards ensures that people with disabilities will have equal access to the content you’ve published on your site—this includes the ability to function correctly with or on tools designed to assist persons with disabilities interpret the site’s content. Not sure if your website is up-to-date with ADA compliance? Our Website ADA Audits start at $2500.

Our Website ADA Audits Evaluate:

  • Text equivalents for images
  • Accessibility of text colors and font sizes
  • Accessibility of audio content (including video)
  • Descriptive HTML tags
  • Accessibility of documents available on site
Website ADA Audits also include a manual review of your front-end code and unique page types to identify accessibility weaknesses.

Want to include an audit of your email content in the accessibility audit? We can do that, too. 
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Websites aren't the only element of your online presence that should meet ADA compliance standards. Learn how the emails you send can serve persons with disabilities and help you meet ADA compliance.
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Am I required to have an ADA-compliant website?

For most businesses, ensuring your website is ADA compliant means providing a seamless experience to your customers and prospects, regardless of their disability status. But for some businesses, adding ADA accessibility to your website is legally required. Website ADA compliance could apply to:
  • Lodging
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Movie theaters and entertainment
  • Retail stores
  • Service establishments
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Schools and colleges
  • Gyms 

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Website ADA Compliance

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