A digital conference for digital marketers.

Welcome to the 2020 And Then Some Conference, coming to you live from cyberspace! This year's conference has inspired us to embrace our roots as a digital marketing company like never before. We've transformed our stages into videos, our swag bags into delicious deliveries, our networking into an on-screen happy hour, and on top of everything, we've made the event free. 

What You'll Learn This Year
Over the last 10 years, we have focused the And Then Some Conference on helping digital marketers like you perform at the top of your game. This year, you'll find our virtual conference packed with videos, how-to sessions, downloadables, think pieces, strategy guides, and more, with special focuses for:
  • B2C Email and Digital Marketers
  • B2B Email and Digital Marketers
  • Best Practice Stuff 
  • emfluence Marketing Platform Users
  • Content for Navigating the Marketing Impacts of COVID-19
This event is for strategizers and producers. Whether you’re a hands-on email marketer or digital marketer who spends your days in the thick of email, social, and marketing automation or leading your marketing team’s overall digital strategy, we’ll have content and specific takeaways you can apply to your goals.

Best of all, this year's conference is 100% free.

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